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Abby Matt and Abby

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Who are Matt and Abby? 

The account Abby Matt and Abby are the perfect example of marital bliss on social media – at least that’s what their videos show. What could be more perfect than having a partner who goofs around with you on videos? That’s what makes the TikTok account Abby Matt and Abby couple goals. On their TikTok account Abby Matt and Abby, husband and wife can be seen dancing to random bops and making funny videos. Their shenanigans have gained them millions of followers on the Abby Matt and Abby TikTok account. 

It is hard to believe that Abby Matt and Abby have become so popular as both are very young.  Both Abby and Matt Howard are just 22 years now. Abby was born on December 1, 1998 and Matt’s birthday is on June 18, 1998. 

Quick Bio 

Birth Name  Abby Howard, Matt Howard
Born Matt : June 18, 1998 (Age 22)

Abby: December 18, 1998 (Age 22)

Gender Male and Female
Profession Social Media Content Creator on TikTok and YouTube
Birth Sign Sagittarius
Country The United States of America
Nationality American
Religion Yet to be updated
Height Not Available
Weight Not Available
Hair Color Brown (Matt) and Blonde (Abby)
Eye Color Yet to be updated
Sexual Orientation  Straight
Spouse  Married
Children None
Net Worth $100,000
Profile Instagram




What is the career story of Abby and Matt?

The Abby Matt and Abby TikTok account came much later in the lives of couple Abby and Matt Howard. Abby and Matt had initially started a YouTube channel in 2019 where they used to post their videos. The channel got a lot of traction which motivated them to start the Abby Matt and Abby TikTok account. Their efforts have paid off as fans loved the Abby Matt and Abby account. 

So, what do Abby and Matt do on their TikTok? Firstly, they make videos on dance – everyone knows how popular TikTok dances are and both Abby and Matt have seen their account blow up because of dance videos. They have made some skit videos too, based on TikTok trends. The reason why Abby and Matt are so popular is because they adhere to trends. The channel Abby Matt and Abby is funny, relatable and people love to see the skits that Abby and Matt come up with. For instance, they made a video based on The Office (US) which really blew up their account. 

After Abby Matt and Abby gained a massive global audience, they decided to expand on Instagram. Fans love seeing glimpses of their lives and both Abby and Matt do not disappoint. 

Personal Information 

What about the physical appearance of Abby and Matt?

It might sound unreal but Abby and Matt Howard are only 22 – barely out of school and married. Both of them have a cute appearance. Abby likes to highlight her hair and Matt has naturally rich brown hair. They keep their styles simple.


Are Abby Matt and Abby a real couple? 

Yes, Abby and Matt are a real couple – they got married in July 2019 and have been together for quite some time now. It is a dream come true as both Abby and Matt seem to be very comfortable – both on-screen and off-screen and their followers can’t get enough of their chemistry. 

Net Worth 

What is the net worth of Abby Matt and Abby? 

The combined net worth of Abby Matt and Abby is estimated to be $100,000 – not surprising since they get a ton of brand deals. 


  • Abby and Matt Howard are the real names of the people behind Abby Matt and Abby. 
  • Abby’s a Sagittarius and Matt is a Gemini. 
  • Abby and Matt have been married since 2019. 


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