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Daniel Gizmo

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Who is Daniel Gizmo? 

Daniel Gizmo was born Daniel Ferri on October 15th, 1993, and is presently 27 years old. Gizmo is an American YouTuber. You might know him from his YouTube challenges and gaming content. Gizmo began his YouTube career by uploading covers of songs and soon expanded to other forms of entertainment like sketches and hacking. Gizmo has a massive fan following thanks to his YouTube channel.

Quick Bio 

Birth Name Daniel Ferri Gizmo 
Born 15th October, 1993 (27 years old) 
Gender Male 
Profession YouTuber, Musician, Singer, Hacker 
Birth Sign Libra 
Country The United States of America 
Nationality American 
Religion Christian 
Height 5 ft 7 in (170 cm) 
Weight 68 kg or 149 lbs 
Hair Color Blonde 
Eye Color Dark Brown 
Sexual Orientation Straight 
Spouse Not Available 
Children None 
Net Worth $0.7 Million 
Profile YouTube 


What is the superior success story of Daniel Gizmo?

Gizmo has been a part of the creator economy since April 2013. He first uploaded a cover song, ‘Panic Station’ by Muse. The trajectory of his career marks the consistent growth of his YouTube channel. He is deeply interested in music and can often be found performing covers on his YouTube channel.

Gizmo’s videos gather millions of views globally. He has expanded his team and is also an influencer.

Gizmo was a part of the hacker organization Project Zorgo, but the organization has been taken down. He had joined the spy ninja team as the ‘lie detector guy.’

Today most of Gizmo’s videos cover tech content and some funny videos and challenges. As of now, Gizmo has 6.6 million subscribers. He often collaborates with fellow YouTubers like Regina Ginera, Melvin Ginera, Vy Quaint, and Chad Wild Clay. One of his most famous videos was ‘CHAD WILD CLAY & VY QWAINT are MISSING in Real Life! Project Zorgo Riddles & Clues Solved!’

Personal Information

What is the physical appearance of Daniel Gizmo?

Daniel Gizmo lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, in the United States of America. He has a sister named Kimberlee. He is an accomplished musician and can often be found singing on his second channel. Gizmo has covered songs of famous artists like Maroon 5’s ‘Memories’ and Post Malone’s ‘Sunflower.’ Fans love Gizmo’s voice and vocals. 

Gizmo represents the micro fame that influencers garner on social media. While not much is known about Gizmo, fans still eat up trivia about him. 


What is the relationship status of Daniel Gizmo?

Daniel does have a girlfriend but prefers to keep mum about it. Alie, his girlfriend, has appeared on many of his YouTube videos. 

However, not much is known of Alie other than her random YouTube appearances on his channel. Many fans have shipped him with his co-worker from Project Zorgo, Regina. Their fan-made ship name is Raniel.

Net Worth

What is the net worth of Daniel Gizmo?

Daniel Gizmo has amassed an enormous fortune through influencer marketing and other social media platforms. He has developed multiple streams of income for himself, such as YouTube channels. Moreover, his covers are also available on famous streaming platforms, which fetches some income. It is no surprise that Daniel’s net worth is $0.7 Million.


  • Daniel Gizmo is also an outstanding musician and singer. 
  • His zodiac sign is Libra. 
  • His real name is Daniel Ferri Gizmo. 
  • Gizmo was a part of the spy ninja team and conducted lie detector tests. 
  • Gizmo can play the electronic keyboard, as seen in his music covers. 
  • As of now, Gizmo’s only social media account is his YouTube channel. 
  • Gizmo has several fan accounts across Instagram and Twitter.


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