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FaZe H1ghSky1

Who is Faze H1ghSky1? 

Patrick, who goes by the name Faze H1ghsky1 is an esports player. He plays Fortnite and also is streams on the platform twitch. He is not even in his teens and is already making a name both, Fortnite and twitch. He was recruited by the FaZe clan in march 2019 which was his long impending dream. He has just stepped into the arena.  

He was born in Romania on April 26, 2007, making him just a 14-year-old boy. His parents later shifted to Las Vegas, USA, where he was born and brought up.   

Quick bio 

Birth Name Patrick 
Born April 1st, 2007  (Age 14)
Gender Male 
Profession Twitch streamer and Fortnite player 
Birth Sign Taurus 
Country United States of America 
Nationality American 
Religion Christianity 
Height 5 ft 2 in (158cm) 
Weight 40 kg or 88Ibs
Hair Colour Dark Brown 
Eye Colour Dark Brown 
Net Worth 400,000$ 
Profiles Instagram 





How did Faze H1ghSy1 start with his career? 

FaZe H1ghsky1, or Patrick, plays Fortnite as an esports professional. He has joined the FaZe clan in march of 2019, making him the youngest ever to do so.  

He is one of the youngest ever layers in Fortnite: Battle Royale players.  

He streams his games over Twitch and has nearly 720 thousand followers over the platform and over 3 million channel views too.  

He started his own Youtube channel in August of 2017 as well. The channel goes with the name ‘FaZe H1ghsky1’ and has over 2.5 million subscribers and more than 200 million views in it.  

He later came under fire for being underage for playing Fortnite and being on Twitch. It all came to light when Tfue filed a lawsuit against FaZe clan for hiring an underaged. Tfue claimed that FaZe clan violated the California labor laws, which states that no talent agency will accept any application for employment on behalf of a minor.   

Patrick’s age came under fire as FaZe clan claimed that he was 13 years old whilst joined it. The birth date under scrutiny was July 1st, 2005. Whereas other sources cite that he was 11 years old whilst joining it.   

Patrick wouldn’t be able to compete in the Fortnite world championship. For that, he needed to be 13. His age was 11.  

He was later banned from his Twitch account as well.   

He later confessed on his Youtube channel while streaming a video in June 2019, that he lied about his age. He said that he just wanted to follow his dream and couldn’t wait for 2 more years to join the clan.  

He waited for the right time and joined the clan back in April 2020 which made him the youngest player with the FaZe clan.  

He rejoined social media and Twitch as soon as he reached the legal age.  

Personal Information  

What about the physical appearance of Patrick?

Patrick has a very cute appearance with an impish smile. His dark brown hair compliments his hazel eyes. He recently got a dragon tattoo on his right arm.


Is Patrick currently dating anybody?

We all know that we like the hear good news about the relationship status of our favorite celebrity. But Patrick is just 14 right now and is very young. He is currently single and is very focused on his career.  

Net worth 

What is the net worth of FaZe h1ghsky1?

FaZe h1ghsky1 is a rich lad. He is said to have a net worth of nearly 400,000$.   


  • FaZe H1ghsky1 is the gaming name of Patrick, who is originally from Romania.  
  • He lied about his age to join the FaZe clan as it was his dream to do so and play with them in the team.  
  • He is the youngest ever player to play Fortnite: Battle Royale Players in history.  
  • He rejoined Twitch and his other social media accounts as soon as he got to his legal age.  
  • With FaZe H1ghSky1, Ghost Blake, Lucky Chamu, and TSM Co1azo, Bagel Bites and GCN launch the “Unexpected Combinations” Relay Race.


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