Griffin Mark Wiki: Net worth Height, Weight, Relationship & Full Biography.

Griffin Mark

Who is Griffin Mark?  

Griffin Mark is a popular TikTok celebrity born on the 3rd  of February in the year 2003 in The United States of America. He got his fame on social media for his lip sync videos. This TikTok star is also on trend with ongoing challenge videos, he is a famous creator who has earned numerous followers on TikTok. His account comes under “griffinspremium”.  

His posts are humorous, full of dubs, dance videos and are very entertaining to his fans. He collaborated with many Hollywood musicians and has also taken his share of hip-hop classes while growing with skills in theatre, fusion, electronic dance, contemporary, and ballet.    

Quick Bio 

Birth Name Griffin Mark 
Born February 3, 2003 (Age 18)
Gender Male 
Profession TikTok star, YouTuber 
Birth Sign Aquarius 
Country The United States Of America 
Nationality American 
Religion Christian 
Height 5 ft 7 inc (173 cms)
Weight 57 kgs or 125lbs
Hair Color Blonde 
Eye Color Dark Brown 
Sexual Orientation Straight 
Spouse Single 
Children Not Known 
Net Worth $ 500 k –$ 700k 
Profile Instagram 




How did Griffin Mark start his career?

Griffin Mark made sure he made every day of social media a worth investment to his time. He started his entrepreneurship, his reach and status on Instagram and TikTok helped him start his fashion line known as “Off the Mark Made in Failure” for the young audience’s trends and culture. He calls Gen Z open-minded enough to know how his clothing line is a step towards fashion and an effort made by him. 

Mark has used his ample time of the pandemic to start working on his future and he started skyline modeling. He started to promote his fashion line while he models in Los Angeles. His theme is supposed to be “the demise of pop culture”. His fashion line has started with its spring collection which has shoes and socks, hoodies, glasses, etc in the collection. He gained industry links and has created an empire with his social media accounts of more than 2 million followers. 

Personal Information

What about the physical appearance of  Mark? 

He is just 18 years of age and his body is yet to go through a lot of physical transitions but his heart-melting smile and shimmery hazel eyes have won a myriad of admirers. He is svelte and his fair complex is enhanced by his blonde hair.


Who is he in a relationship with?

Griffin is an 18-year-old with no girlfriend at the moment. He is seen making dance videos on TikTok with his friends but none are identified as his girlfriend/boyfriend. He desires both a homie and a lover in his girlfriend and is disputed over the fact if he ever would want to make that relationship public.  

We hope he keeps his fans in a closed circle whenever he starts dating in foreseeable future. 

Net Worth 

What is the total net worth of Griffin Mark? 

Griffin’s main source of income is through TikTok videos and fashion ventures. He uses the tools like Photoshop and makes 3D models of his latest pieces. He’s also helped many young people starting their businesses. He also travels to places like Colorado for these people who he has helped build a business. His net worth is $500k- $700k. 

Mark plans to one day be in New York Fashion Week and eventually go on to designing furniture and even homes. 


  • His response is very humble and respectful for the praises he gets. 
  • Griffin aims to support young people with business and dance 
  • He tries to help young dancers set up YouTube or any dance that is available on YouTube. 


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