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Joe Bartolozzi Wiki: Net Worth, Height, Weight, Relationship & Full Biography

Joe Bartolozzi

Who is Joe Bartolozzi? 

If you love relatable content on TikTok, then you might have come across Joe Bartolozzi’s content. Bartolozzi is from New Jersey. He has been making his followers laugh for a while now. Bartolozzi’s content is hilarious and relatable and often ends up trending across multiple channels. His followers love his sketches, and Bartolozzi delivers on his followers’ demands. 

Joe Bartolozzi is a New Jersey native, born on February 6, 2002. Bartolozzi has achieved massive success, which is incredible as he is presently nineteen years old. 

Quick Bio  

Birth Name   Joe Bartolozzi 
Born  February 6, 2002 (19 years)
Gender  Male
Profession  Social Media Content Creator (TikTok, Instagram, YouTube)
Birth Sign  Aquarius 
Country  The United States of America
Nationality  American 
Religion  Yet to be updated
Height  5 ft 4 inches (160 cm)
Weight  Yet to be updated
Hair Color  Yet to be updated
Eye Color  Brown 
Sexual Orientation   Yet to be updated
Spouse   Yet to be updated
Children  None 
Net Worth  $100,000
Profile  TikTok 




What is the superior success story of Joe Bartolozzi?

Joe Bartolozzi began posting his content first on TikTok. His followers lapped it up, and Bartolozzi was viral on the social media app. With over 9 million followers, Bartolozzi was able to get his TikTok account verified. His USP is creative sketches that made Bartolozzi’s followers connect with him. The youngster has since expanded his reach on multiple social media channels such as YouTube and Instagram. Followers love to see glimpses of his personal life on Instagram and YouTube. Moreover, these channels serve as a backup plan for Bartolozzi, especially since Instagram rolled out its reel feature. 

Bartolozzi is a trendsetter on social media. But he also subscribes to trends and puts his own twist on them. 

Bartolozzi is a natural on the camera with his poker face and has the right personality to connect with followers. The nineteen-year-old is original and authentic – Bartolozzi’s followers can vouch for it. His wit (and his dog) is evident in his sketches on TikTok.

Joe Bartolozzi is a part of the new-age creator economy. He is a new adult and is taking full advantage of the creator economy across multiple channels. Bartolozzi’s videos are viral because he taps into relatable content, one of the ways to get popular on social media.

Personal Information 

What is the physical appearance of Joe Bartolozzi from?

Joe Bartolozzi stands 5 ft 4 inches tall. He has a black pair of eyes with black hair paired with a Slim Fit Physique, making him look attractive, personality. 


Who is Joe Bartolozzi presently dating? 

Bartolozzi is tight-lipped about his dating life. Well, he is only nineteen years old and needs his privacy. But one can be hopeful that Bartolozzi will open up about his dating life in the future. 

Net Worth 

What is the net worth of Joe Bartolozzi? 

Bartolozzi is verified on TikTok – this means that big brands approach him for deals and influencer marketing. It is no wonder that Bartolozzi’s net worth in 2021 is $100,000 – a mini fortune. If you consider his age, Bartolozzi has done incredibly well for himself financially. 


  • Joe Bartolozzi has collaborated with Snarkymarky. 
  • Joe Bartolozzi is a verified content creator on TikTok. 
  • Bartolozzi used to run track in high school. 
  • Joe Bartolozzi’s zodiac sign is Aquarius. 
  • Bartolozzi hails from New Jersey. 
  • Bartolozzi has a pet dog – a constant on his videos. 
  • Bartolozzi can often be seen sporting a white Carhartt beanie in his videos.



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