Kader Sylla Wiki: Net Worth, Height, Weight, Relationship & Full Biography

Who is Kader Sylla? 

Kader Sylla is arguably one of the coolest Gen-Z creators out there. Why? Well, Kader Sylla is a skateboarder who has inspired thousands to pick up a skateboard. This skateboarder and YouTube creator from California, USA, has become one of the biggest YouTube stars in the community.

Sylla began skateboarding at the age of six when he was first enchanted with the adrenaline rush that a skateboard gives you. Since then, Sylla has come a long way by making his presence felt in the skateboarding community.

Sylla was born on October 7, 2002, and is only 18 years old presently.

Quick Bio 

Birth Name   Kader Sylla 
Born  October 7, 2002 (18years)
Gender  Male 
Profession  Skateboarder 
Birth Sign  Libra 
Country  The United States of America
Nationality  American 
Religion  Yet to be updated 
Height  Yet to be updated 
Weight  Yet to be updated 
Hair Color  Black 
Eye Color  Dark Brown 
Sexual Orientation   Yet to be updated 
Spouse   None 
Children  None 
Net Worth  $ 100,000
Profile  Instagram 


What is the career story of Kader Sylla? 

Kader Sylla is a skateboard prodigy and impressed scouts from a very young age. He got signed by Baker Skateboards in 2016 when he was only 14. That was a milestone in Sylla’s life and would bring him endorsements, more records, and fame. It is so impressive that Sylla managed to learn his skills by watching YouTube tutorials. At the age of 6, Sylla’s grandmother gifted him a skateboard sourced from a local CVS store.

Sylla has performed many times for his team Baker Skateboards. He also got signed by Emerica in 2017 and went on to sign deals with Vans. Sylla also collaborated with Vans on skate shoes. Sylla’s sponsors include big names such as Spitfire, Venture, Supreme NY, and Shake Junt, to name a few. Sylla also released a video with Emerica.

Kader Sylla has certainly capitalized on his fame as a skateboarder. Sylla has more than half a million followers on Instagram who love to see teasers of his skateboarding skills. He is also a member of the skateboarding collection, CarcassCrew with Andrew and Stella Reynolds, Kevin Long, and Jay Thorpe. The group’s name was coined by Sylla himself.

Kader has also appeared in many skateboarding videos in collaboration with Emerica, Baker Supreme NY. 

Personal Information 

How is the physical appearance of Kader Sylla?

There is no proper information about his height and weight. However, this little youngster has black hair with a beautiful black skin tone. He is young now, so his physical appearance would change over time. 


Who is Kader Sylla presently dating? 

Kader Sylla’s followers and fans would love to know more about his private life, particularly his relationships. Sadly, for his followers, Sylla is tight-lipped about his life. Moreover, Sylla is a teenager and deserves the right to privacy, even though he has to lead a life of scrutiny.

Net Worth 

What is the real net worth of the American skateboarder Kader Sylla in 2021? 

Kader Sylla’s net worth is $100,000, which is impressive considering that he is only a teenager. With his uber-cool skills, it is not wrong to predict that Sylla’s popularity is only slated to grow in the future. Sylla has consolidated multiple sources of income, and one can expect great things from him.


  • Kader was scouted by the owner of the company Baker Skateboards Andrew Reynolds. 
  • Kader Sylla’s zodiac sign is Libra. 
  • Kader has been sponsored by the athleisure and shoe brand Adidas. 

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