Lil Day Day Wiki: Net Worth, Height, Weight, Relationship & Full Biography

Who is Lil Day day? 

Lil Day Day is a teen Hip Hop artist from Orlando, Florida, in the United States of America. He was born on 8th November 2008 and has garnered massive adoration from fans worldwide. Thanks to social media, Lil Day Day is a child prodigy in the field of Hip Hop like Bow Wow. His fame and fan following stems from the music videos that he posts on social media. Lil Day Day is presently 13 years old and looks like he has a long career ahead.

Quick Bio

Birth Name  Lil Day Day 
Born  8th November, 2008 (13 years old)  
Gender  Male 
Profession  Rapper and Songwriter 
Birth Sign  Scorpio 
Country  The United States of America 
Nationality  American 
Religion  Christian 
Height  Not Available 
Weight  Not Available 
Hair Color  Black 
Eye Color  Dark Brown 
Sexual Orientation  Straight 
Spouse  None 
Children  None 
Net Worth  $ 1 million 
Profile  Instagram 



How Lil Day Day achieved this admiration, popularity, and fame?

On Spotify, Lil Day Day has approximately 53 thousand listeners. That’s not a shabby number by any means, and Lil Day Day’s popularity is ever increasing. He is the perfect example of the changing relationships of celebrities with fans. Lil Day Day’s music resonates with fans as he rarely holds back. Moreover, Lil Day Day is credited with the lyrics of his songs which shows how talented he is for his age. 

Lil Day Day is a rapper who started out on YouTube like most modern celebrities. He began his career by uploading his songs on YouTube. He released his first rap recording on Instagram in 2019 and has been catapulted to fame ever since.  

Lil Day Day was signed by the record label Thirty3Ave Prod. His album is called Roads to Riches. Some of the massive hits delivered by Lil Day Day are ‘Freestyle,’ ‘Free Da Guys,’ ‘SKR8 Heat’, and ‘Jiggy,’

With social media came fame, and Lil Day Day today has more than 150,000 followers on Instagram. He also has an account on Twitter where he posts about his music journey. 

Why is Lil Day Day so popular? 

The answer is obviously his songs. As a Hip Hop artist, Lil Day Day brings something fresh to the table, and people love it. He has become one of the child celebrities of the new generation with hits like ‘Freestyle’ in his oeuvre. Lil Day Day’s vlogs are very popular with fans and cement his relationship with fans. Moreover, Lil Day Day uses his Instagram account to share small clips, which is a big hit with people.

Personal Information

What is the physical appearance of Lil Day Day?

Unfortunately, Lil Day Day’s proper body measurement, height, weight, and how he looks are not available. We will update you all soon.


What’s about the relationship status of Lil Day Day?

Even though Lil Day Day keeps it quiet, fans are interested in his relationships. It is a little boy perhaps, as Lil Day Day is just a teenager now. 

Net Worth

What is the net worth of Lil Day Day?

Lil Day Day might be a teenager, but he has achieved far more than some adults. With his growing popularity, Lil Day Day has been able to consolidate a good fortune. Most of his earnings are through his songs, which are streamed on famous platforms like Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube. As of today, Lil Day Day’s net worth is a whopping one million dollars! It won’t be a surprise if Lil Day Day garners more fortune owing to his massively successful career. 


  • Lil Day Day is a Scorpio. 
  • Lil Day Fay is one of the youngest Hip-Hop celebrities in the world – he’s only 13 now. 
  • Lil Day Day found fame after his track Freestyle went viral on the internet in 2020. 

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