Who is the Most Popular BTS Member in 2020? Finally Revealed!

most popular BTS Member 2020

If you search on the web, there is always this one question that pops up – Who is the most Popular BTS member?

So, we decided to make a poll and let the fans decide.

On August 23 2020, We asked BTS fans to vote for the Most Popular BTS member.

The poll has become of the most voted polls on PopSlider with over 25.3k views and almost 20k votes.

After 6 days of voting, finally, The Most Popular BTS Member has been revealed.

And it’s none other than Jimin. The 24 year old singer received over 14.1K votes, becoming the Most Popular BTS member in 2020.

On the other hand, BTS’s Kim Tae-hyung , popularly known as V has received 4.74K votes making the second most Popular BTS member.

Here are the votes received by remaining member of the KPop group:

Jungkook – 849 votes

Jhope – 236 votes

Suga – 92 votes

Jin – 86 votes

RM – 76 votes

This was one of the most requested polls on PopSlider as many of our readers wanted to know who is the most popular boy in the group. Now, we hope this poll has helped our readers to find out that Jimin is one the Most Popular of the Kpop group.

Moreover, Jimin is also competing in the Best Vocalist 2020 poll.


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  2. I’m Dieheartfan of jimin and in the same way for bts members too. This akhila from India. Im so happy to be apart of purple ocean and I’ll always give my full support to our bts guys. Lvu guys????❤n purple u with bottom of my heart for the rest of my life????…


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