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Top 5 Shocking Controversies of Bring Me The Horizon’s Oliver Sykes.

Oliver Sykes controversies
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Bring Me The Horizon, founded as a deathcore band, has shifted through the different genres of music and it’s only getting bigger and bigger, The British band has fans from all around the globe now.

Thanks to the band members who never takes a step back to experiment and make something new for the fans. The frontman, Oliver Sykes has gained massive popularity especially among the teenagers who admires Sykes and follows his footsteps and gets inspired.

Now, everything looks perfect for Oli, he is a married man now and his band is at its peak phase now! And we can barely hear any controversies about Oli.

Although, life was never the same for the rockstar. Especially in the band’s early years, Sykes was constantly surrounded by controversies.

Check out 5 Most Shocking Oliver Sykes Controversies

1) Tyler, The Creator V/s Oliver Sykes

Tyler The Creator Vs Oliver Sykes Controversies #1

Rapper Tyler, The Creator shows hate towards Oliver Sykes and his clothing line Drop Dead. According to the Tweet, Tyler was not happy with Oli using a quote on a Drop Dead shirt that resembles Tyler’s 2011 song called “Radical”.

Tyler The Creator Tweets on Oliver Sykes

The Quote of the song was called “Kill People, Burn shit, Fu*k School.” Afterward, Oliver Sykes defended himself by saying “Who gives a shit. Nothing of me is original”.

You can check out Oli’s Tweet below:

#Tweet 1

Oliver Sykes Tweet Defended himself


#Tweet 2

Oliver Sykes Tweet Defended himself 2

Though, Tyler, The Creator didn’t file a lawsuit against Oli Sykes. The twitter war definitely came as a shocker to both Tyler and Oli’s fans.



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