Songbyrd ASMR Wiki: Net Worth, Height, Weight, Relationship & Full Biography.

Songbyrd ASMR

Who is Songbyrd ASMR? 

If soothing ASMR videos are your thing then Songbyrd ASMR is right up your alley. With calming ASMR sounds in her Mukbang videos, Songbyrd ASMR rose to popularity rapidly. Today, Songbyrd ASMR has established herself as an eminent YouTube personality from the United States of America.   

Chrystal Cackler or Songbyrd ASMR was born on 7 December 1992 and is presently 28 years old. 

Quick Bio 

Birth Name  Chrystal Cackler
Born 7 December 1992 (Age 28)
Gender Female 
Profession Social Media Content Creator on YouTube
Birth Sign Sagittarius 
Country The United States of America 
Nationality American 
Religion Not Available
Height Not Available
Weight Not Available
Hair Color Blonde 
Eye Color Not Available
Sexual Orientation  Not Available
Spouse  Charles Cackler
Children Evan Cackler
Net Worth $ 100,000 
Profile YouTube 



What is the career story of Sonbyrd?

Chrystal Cackler began a channel in September 2017, never imagining that she would get the kind of fame that now follows her. She is known more by the name of her YouTube channel, Songbyrd ASMR instead of her real name.   

Cackler began posting regularly on YouTube, which gained traction from netizens looking for trendy and aesthetic ASMR sounds. She hopped on to the ASMR trend of YouTube and shot several food ASMR videos, akin to Korean ASMR food videos. Cackler’s videos soon rose to fame and she started making vlogs which gave a glimpse of her personal life. Often, her husband Charles Cackler can be seen sharing the screen in her videos. 

Cackler rose to fame for a lot of reasons, but mostly because she adhered to YouTube trends. For instance, her channel Songbyrd ASMR has a series of Mukbang videos that are very popular on YouTube. In these videos, Cackler can be seen eating with a lot of ASMR effects. In her videos, Cackler can be seen talking about very personal issues, such as her struggle with eating disorders.  

Songbyrd ASMR is not a stranger to controversies and has garnered criticism from several netizens. Many have taken to Reddit communities to vent themselves on the subject of Songbyrd ASMR. Even though Chrystal has tried keeping her videos authentic, netizens have found discrepancies.  

Personal Information 

What about the physical appearance of Songbyrd ASMR?

Songbird is a very sweet lady with blonde hair and a million-dollar smile. She loves to wear casual outfits.


Who is Songbyrd ASMR presently dating? 

If you have been following Songbyrd ASMR for a while, you know that she is happily married. The person behind the channel – Chrystal Cackler is married to Charles Cackler. Charles has often turned up on Chrystal’s Instagram videos and vlogs, much to her fans’ delight. Charles and Chrystal are parents to a son, Evan. 

Net Worth 

What is the net worth of Songbyrd ASMR? 

Songbyrd ASMR generates a lot of income for the Cackler family. Songbyrd ASMR’s net worth is a whopping $100,000. 


  • Songbyrd ASMR’s real name is Chrystal Cackler. 
  • Chrystal has been married to Charles Cackler for a while now. The couple has a son named Evan Cackler. 
  • Chrystal has opened up about her eating disorder on her YouTube channel. 
  • Songbyrd ASMR’s zodiac sign is Sagittarius. 
  • Songbyrd ASMR has run into a lot of controversy with netizens – there are Reddit communities dedicated to criticizing Songbyrd ASMR. 


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