Bad Kid Mykel Wiki: Net Worth, Height, Weight, Relationship & Full Biography

Bad Kid Mykel

Who is Bad Kid Mykel? 

The social media fame, Bad kid Mykel is a well-known American rapper. He has gained immense popularity due to the course of Instagram. 

He is recognized for the famous social media group he has been a part of. The group is recalled as – “The Bad Kids.” He owns a YouTube channel popularly known by the name – ” Funny Mike’s.”

He is primarily seen doing prank videos, comedies, or skits on his friends. This incredible entertainer was born on July 26, 2005, in the United States. He is presently just 15 years old.

Quick Bio 

Birth Name  Bad Kid Mykel 
Born 26 July 2005 
Gender Male 
Profession Social Media Content Creator 
Birth Sign Leo 
Country The United States of America 
Nationality American 
Religion Yet to be updated  
Height 4 ft 8 inch  (146.304cm)
Weight 43 kg or 95lbs
Hair Color Black 
Eye Color Black
Sexual Orientation  Straight
RelationshipMacie ( girlfriend) 
Children None 
Net Worth


Profile Instagram 



How did Bad kid Mykel start his career? 

The Popular name Bad Kid Mykel commenced his career as a YouTube. He has also been a famous influencer on Instagram. Initially, his YouTube channel Funny Mike’s, saw numerous funny videos. That gained immense popularity among the youth as well as the kids. 

Mykel became a popular name. As he saw a surge in his popularity and traffic on his channel, he started with a separate channel. This channel was for his vlogs related to his daily life. It included the places he visited and information about his surroundings.  

To deliver variety on his channel, he also started uploading comedy skits and funny as well as scary pranks on his friends. Apart from having funny bones and presenting entertainment through it, Mykel is also a gamer. 

He has a separate gaming YouTube channel that goes by the name Mykel Gaming. He has accumulated a major fan base on the same.  

Even on Instagram, he is pretty active and has been popular. Furthermore, he is an active element of a prominent Instagram group -“Bad Kids.” His companions are Badkid Mark Jr., Badkid Tray, Badkid Jay, and other famous kids who are also a part of this group. 

They released their first song in 2019 that had been a super hit. There were several popular songs they delivered from their ends, such as A’s and B’s, or the famous Elbow Dance. 

Bad Kids has 209 incredible videos on their YouTube channel. Their famous ‘Jigga Challenge Dance’ performance has a whopping 1.7 million views. However, Mykel is a crucial factor in this group. 

As of now, Bad Kid Mykel was giving promising results as a rapper, influencer, vlogger, and comedian. He holds a strong influence over social media, which is his core source of income. 

Personal Information 

What is the height of Bad Kid Mykel? 

Mykel is nearly 4ft 8inches tall. He weighs about 43 kgs.

Besides, his hair is prominent black, whereas his eyes also have a black flicker to them. He belongs to Leo when it comes to the zodiac signs. His hairstyle is afro-chain, and his thin body is deceptive of his age.


Who is Bad Kid Mykel presently dating? 

His dating life is presently influenced by his taste in rapping and content creation. He is presently said to be with popular American model, YouTuber, Rapper, and Influencer Macei. They are alleged to know each other in 2018 and have been dating since 2019.  

Net Worth 

What is the net worth of Bad Kid Mykel? 

He has an overall wealth of approximately $700k. His primary derivation of income is Instagram and YouTube.  


  • He is 5ft 2in tall. 
  • He is part of the popular group Bad Kids. 
  • He is dating Macie, an American model and influencer.
  • His net worth is $700k million. 


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