Check Out The Winner Of “Most Desirable 2020”. Officially Revealed.

Most Desirable 2020

Finally, The Most Desirable 2020 Poll’s result is out and We are excited to announce the winner. PopSlider’s Most Desirable 2020 poll started in Jun12, 2020 where we asked fans to vote for their favorite artist.

Le’ts check out the result:

Don’t forget to vote JungKook for Best Pop Musician 2020.

Jimin:- 10.4k Votes

Jimin received a total of 10.4k votes (62% more than other nominees). So, the winner of PopSlider’s Most Desirable 2020 is Park Ji-min.

Congrats to BTS Army and Jimin for this accomplishment.

Let’s check out rest of the nominees’ votes:

Gerard Way:- 6.01k Votes

Brendon Urie 134 Votes

Harry Styles 133 votes

Oliver Sykes 74 votes

Shawn Mendes 22 votes

Tyler Joseph 26 votes

Patrick Stump 15 votes





    • In what world have you been living in to not know BTS fans are one of the biggest and most dedicated fandoms out there? They have been winning top social artist on Bilboard awards for 3 years by a landslide, That’s with millions of public vote and competing with fandoms from Justin Bieber, Shawn Mendes, Selena Gomes, etc. This kind of voting is nothing for them.

    • BTS fans (ARMY) don’t need to do that but kind i wondering what you do. Great to look at, a kind person, very charitable those are just a few reasons he deserves to be #1.

    • Sorry dear but we won because we took the effort for votingfor our Jimin, I mean they dont call us dedicated fans for no reasons????

    • If you don’t know we have the biggest Fandom on the planet right now probably like 20illion and counting so It’s not very surprising to us anymore. Whenever we win there’s people who have something to say about it so we just ignore it.

  1. BTS always performs in the biggest stadiums in the world (Wembley Stadium, Rose Bowl, Singapore National Stadium, Citi Field, Seoul Olympic Stadium) with hundred thousands of seats, that only worldwide super stars can perform (Queen, The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Elton John, Beyonce). BTS broke all kinds of worldwide records to prove their success. ARMYs are always filled with hundred thousands of seats in those stadiums all over the world. They have reasons to fill those stadiums. They held an online concert on June 14 that Gathered Enough Attendees To Fill Up 15 Stadiums.
    * BTS has appeared on the cover of TIME Global.
* BTS has become the first K-pop artist to win an award at the American Music Awards.

    * BTS is the first Korean artist to speak in front of the UN General Assembly.
    *Fastest Korean Artist To have 4 times of No. 1 on Billboard 200 Albums. The last group to earn 4 times of No. 1 on Billboard 200 albums was the Beatles in 1968.
    And there is a person say that BTS doesn’t have enough fans to vote for Jimin here. It’s funny. Open your mind and increase your knowledge. It’s better than being jealous.

  2. Jimin truly is an amazing human being. Sure he looks damn fine (no btw, he didn’t have any surgery done. Check childhood and teen pictures) but first of all he is incredibly sweet and caring and kind. He is genuinely a kind person.


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